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Server shutdown randomly


We have a R530 server which started to reboot/shutdown randomly by itself recently.

We installed CentOS 6.10 for the OS, and from its system log, we noticed that the server was issued a shutdown command by a "Power Button". 

There is no extraordinary error found in the iDRAC Lifecycle Log, except "System is turning off", "System CPU Resetting", "System is turning on". This led us to suspect that the power button was "pressed", which could also indicate a faulty front panel?

In addition, the iDRAC is also rebooting randomly. In the Lifecycle log, there is this message "RAC0182: The iDRAC firmware was rebooted with the following reason: ID Button." Hence, we suspect their the front panel is faulty or the iDRAC module is faulty. 

Is there any tools to diagnose front panel and iDRAC module?

Appreciate any help.

Thank you.

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Re: Server shutdown randomly

Hi, this has happened to me before. Is the server environment clean? We had cases were there was alot of carbon on the front panel board causing the issue. Other times we just had to replace the front panel card. the microswitch would have failed. Try giving it a clean with compressed air while the system is off and unplugged.. Good luck
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