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Setting UP slot Name in m420 chassis

Is there any way to set slot name for m420 slots?

Any racdm commands available?

Tried out my ways, please help me in this

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RE: Setting UP slot Name in m420 chassis


The command you are using is incorrect, as it is missing the flag. With the racadm setslotname command you need to use one of the following flags;

  • —i <slotNum>— Displays the location of the slot in the chassis.

    Legal values: 1–16

  • —h <enabled>— Sets whether the server's hostname is used for display purposes.

    Legal values: 0, 1

Without either of those flags being used it will error.

The correct structure for your command would be;

racadm setslotname -i 1 AFH

That will set the server in slot 1 to be named AFH.

Let me know if this helps.

Chris Hawk

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RE: Setting UP slot Name in m420 chassis

Sorry I copied the wrong screen shot.

the command works perfectly for me for a half blade chassis.

I will need to assign it to a quarter blade chassis m420

racadm setslotname -i 1a AFH 

this kind of command is not working

strange thing is the command getsvctag is working perfectly , but the command getslotname is not showing me the slot and the server details.

What i am trying to achieve is to supply the hostname manually for m420 quater blades

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