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T110 Server Memory Upgrade (8GBx2 1333 MHz)


I have an older PowerEdge T110 server which needs memory upgraded. I have purchased both ECC and Non-ECC type memory without success on this server. The diagnostics light tells me that theres "an issue with the memory configuration" however I've reviewed the manual countless times and I'm sure that my memory is correctly inserted and supported. My BIOS is currently updated to the latest version at the time of writing (1.10.0). Could anyone please provide assistance?


Neither of my configurations have worked (single channel with one card) and various other configurations.

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RE: T110 Server Memory Upgrade (8GBx2 1333 MHz)


The memory controller is on the CPU. I need to know which CPU you are using to be able to review the configuration for any issues. Memory population rules will differ based on the CPU.


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