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T130 Latest Bios (2.4.1 - GK72X) removed?

On Jan 18, 2018, I found that the latest BIOS for the T130 was v2.4.1 (GK72X).   Now it seems the latest BIOS is v2.3.2 (832M2) dated November 21, 2017.  What gives?  Was there a problem with v2.4.1 that we need to know about?  If I search for GK72X on the support site, I can still find the link....



Link to v2.4.1 (broken)



Does anyone know why this version of the BIOS was pulled?

Do I need to downgrade BIOS to v2.3.2?



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All available information in regard to Meltdown and Spectre is on this page:


There is an update on the page that addresses your concern.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

All available information?

Intel released microcode update, to resolve a Spectre vulnerability, which Dell included within their system firmware (BIOS). Sadly Intel's micocode was causing instability and was pulled. As such, Dell pulled the system firmware. 

When Intel will actually resolve the issue is anyones guess but it seems Intel doesn't really want to resolve it correctly as the performance impact will be too high for some. New, yet to be released microcode will have a half fix selectable from the OS. As such, it seems Intel wants to pushes the decision on whether to enable the Spectre fix provided by this new yet to be released microcode to the IT department.

Intel, and Dell by default, seem to feel that security is optional.

Linux Torvalds commented on this here and a techpowerup commented about Linus' post here.

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