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T130/T330 - power on/off pins ?


I have bare T130/T330 motherboard and i want to run it on standard ATX power supply and test some graphic cards.

So i powered up motherboard, to do that, needed is 8pin cable (proper diagram below).
One thing important, there is 12V standby, so it is necessary to use step-up DC/DC converter, because ATX plug has 5V standby.

I wasn't able to find pins which are responsible for starting motherboard, but at least motherboard starts as soon as power supply is turned on.

I will tests some graphic cards, when i will buy some ram.


At the moment i have one question.

1. Anyone can tell me where exactly is going cable from power button ? Is it a part of control panel cable bundle and it goes to 20 (diagram at bottom)?
I measured voltage on control panel (20) pins. pinout_ctrl_panel.jpgAnd shorting 13-14 cause motherboard to turn off and in standby i see voltage only on pin 15=5V, but shorting 13-15 cause only drop voltage to 0. No idea what to do now. Maybe i need to short 3pins ? 






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