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T320 + PERC H730 with HD Mini-SAS SFF8643 Connectors

I currently have a T320 using the PERC H310 raid card it came with. So far it's been great but I now I need to update the raid card.

I have a PERC H730 with HD Mini-SAS SFF8643 connections. The T320 has a 8 x 3.5" Back plane.

I have searched high and low and cannot seem to find a cable that will go from the H730 to the backplane. Is there such a cable available or am I wasting my time with this new raid card?

Thanks in advance.  

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Re: T320 + PERC H730 with HD Mini-SAS SFF8643 Connectors


The H730 is not supported on the T320. The H730 is a 12Gb controller, it uses a different cable and connector type that supports 12Gb. The H730 uses SFF-8643, and the H710 uses SFF-8087. The connectors on the T320 backplane are SFF-8087, so you would need a cable with two different connector types.


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