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T410 Redundant PSU


I have just acquired a T410 with a non redundant PSU. I have been on ebay and seen people selling the power distribution boards.

So my question is how difficult is it to convert non redundant to redundant?? the chassis looks like it will just go straight in, but on a redundant chassis there is a metal T bar separating the 2 redundant psu's.

Is that T bar and the distribution board all that is required?? if so does anyone know the part number for that T bar as I have not been able to locate anyone on ebay selling one.


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RE: T410 Redundant PSU


Upgrade from non-redundant to redundant powers supplies is not supported due to the restrictions imposed by the chassis configuration. The upgrade can only be done at the point of sale and no parts are available thereafter.

Robert Alakara

Dell EMC | Enterprise Services

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