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T620 and Nvidia GPU Grant


at university we have a PowerEdge T620 and we would partecipate to a NVIDIA grant for accademic institutions which supplies one among these graphic cards:

  • Jetson TK1
  • Jetson TX1
  • Quadro M5000
  • Tesla K40
  • Titan X

Do you now if they are all compatible with T620? Both in terms of hardware logements both as possible driver issues.

I'd appreciate also if someone know something which leads me to choose the better graphic card for deep learning application, keeping in mind compatibility with T620.

I really appreciate any help you could provide! 🙂

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RE: T620 and Nvidia GPU Grant


It appears that none of the graphic cards that you have listed are supported on the T620 server. However, it does not mean that they may (not)  function once installed.  Here are some of the  cards validated to function:

  1. K2000 GPGPU NVidia Graphics card , P/N: 0JHRJ
  2. K4000 GPGPU Nvidia Graphics card, P/N: CN3GX
  3. Q6000 Quadro GPU P/N: X3FY3
  4. NVIDIA, Grid K2A, Virtualized Graphics, P/N: 98RCK
  5. AMD, FirePro W7000, P/N: 204R2

Thank you.

Robert Alakara

Dell EMC | Enterprise Services

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RE: T620 and Nvidia GPU Grant

Thank you Robert!

How did you check it? What kind of compatibility issue have you detected?
Moreover, why the cards in your list are compatible?

Thank you again for your support!

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RE: T620 and Nvidia GPU Grant

Sorry for double-posting!

But after some research I've worked out that best solution in my case is the Titan X card.
Someone have ever tried it on T620? Compatibility issues could rise? (For instance, issues due to PCI version and speed).

Thanks for every kind of support!

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RE: T620 and Nvidia GPU Grant

Hi Gabrer,

I have the same question. Have you any updates? I would be interested in Tesla K40 and seems to fit the requirements of T620, but this does not assure that it works.

Also, do these graphic cards require the "GPU enablement kit"? See e.g. this thread en.community.dell.com/.../19586870

Thank you,


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