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Unable fetch sensor list on DELL R720

If is use Ipmitool sensor list on one of the device its able fetch all sensors list but on the other device it  throws below error

root@ ipmitool sensor list
Error obtaining SDR info: Invalid command
Unable to open SDR for reading

I would like to increase UCR threshold  value, can any answer my questions.

1) Maximum value of MAX critical threshold(ucr) can be increased?

2) What are the future effects if we increase? 

3) Why can't we change System Board Exhaust Temp, CPU2 Temp, CPU1 Temp  If I try increasing them it says "Command illegal for specified sensor or record type"

4) If we increase UCR value of  "Inlet Temp" to 50, does the change applies to Inlet Temp Historical data? (as the default value is 47 degrees)

Please let me know if you any info. Thanks in advance.




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