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Upgrade backplane from x4 to x6

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I have currently have a PE2950 with a SAS 5/i (no RAID) controller and 3.5 x4 backplane. I'd like to upgrade to a 3.5 x6 backplane and add 2 additional internal hard drives to the server. I have read a few of the posts on this forum and understand that a x6 backplane can be ordered from Dell and used to replace the existing one. In the current configuration, the x4 backplane is connected to the SAS 5/i controller via a single SAS cable (SAS_A).  However, the x6 backplane has 2 SAS cable connections to the controller card (SAS_A and SAS_B). The SAS 5/i controller only supports 1 cable connection to the backplane.

Based on my understanding, I have the following questions:

  • Can I connect the SAS 5/i controller to the x6 backplane via a single cable connection and still be able to access all 6 storage drives?
  • The manual states that the x6 backplane can be connected to the SAS 5/i using only the pimary SAS cable connection. If I do this, will I be limited to accessing only the first 4 hard drives?
  • If I need to replace the SAS 5/i with a new controller with 2 cable connections to properly access all 6 storage devices on the backplane, what is the best option? I do not need hardware RAID capability as this is not a mission critical server.

Thanks in advance for you help.

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