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Upgrade disk subsystem on FX2 and FC630


We have two FX2 systems with 8 FC630 modules. Each FC630 modules has 2 SAS 7200 rpm Seagate HDD in RAID 1. We need to upgrade it. I see two solution for this:

1) Easy solution: Replace 2 current  disks on 2 new 10K rpm 1.8TB SAS Seagate disks. It will give us much more space but performance will be increased so so, as I think. More over this option has predictable and easy calculated cost - ~500$ for 1 disk.

2) Probably much better option: Replace 2 current discs on 8 with 1.8" SSD disks (SATA-SAS) 480-512GB on each disk. I think we will need new pockets for these disks. I think it would be much more faster solution such as it's SSD disks and we will be able to make RAID 10 of these 8 disks. 

Main question, what exactly disks we will be able to use in second solution. How much it cost? How many additional things we need (pockets for disks, cables)?



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