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Upgrading T310 RAM


I have a T310 that I would like to upgrade the RAM in. It has the latest BIOS (1.11.0) and I would like to install RAM into it that I believe should be fully compatible. I have four 4GB sticks, all identical, Hynix part HMT141R7BFR4C-H9. These are dual ranked (2Rx4) 1333MHz (10600R) registered ECC modules pulled from another server with an X3430 CPU, and are known good. 

From my understanding of the T310 Owner's Manual, the T310 should support two dual ranked modules at 1333MHz, per channel, with each module being up to 8GB.

However, when I install these modules in the (1,2)(3,4) configuration, the system doesn't appear to work correctly. The machine boots, the fan runs at 100% for a few seconds, then slows - but it never completes POST or boots. The iDRAC page says the machine is on and doesn't report any errors, but noting is displayed on the virtual or local console.

What's going on?


John M

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Re: Upgrading T310 RAM

The only thing I am seeing that could be wrong is the 4gb RDIMM that we sell and support for this server  is  2Rx8 instead of 2Rx4 that you have installed.   Dell's servers are very sensitive to its memory configurations.   Here is the part number and details:

C1KCN 4GB DIMM, 1333MHz, 2RX8X72, 8K, 240, Regulatory  

The only other 4GB dual ranked RDIMM is low voltage:

9J5WF 4GB DIMM, 1333MHz, 2RX8, 8K, 240, Regulatory, Low Voltage


Geoff P
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RE: Upgrading T310 RAM

I actually just ran into this issue a week or two ago myself.  The issue is the memory controller on the 3400 series Xeons will only take DIMMS with 128mb, 1Gb and 2Gb memory chips on the DIMM.  2rx8's should work no problem.

If you want to see a bit more on the issue you can read this pdf that has information on compatible memory types with the 3400 series Xeons.


Hope this helps,


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