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Virtual console not working after iDRAC update to

On both of our PowerEdge R730, after we upgraded iDRAC to version, we have issue with virtual console and virtual console preview. Both don't work.

The only workaround I have is to reset iDRAC. Then it works, but when I try the next day it doesn't work again. I have to reset iDRAC any time I need to connect.

This is an issue for us because we're doing tests, reinstalling OS, etc so we need this functionality.

We didn't have any issues like this prior to thi update.  

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Situation today is even worse. Not only I Virtual Console doesn't work, but I'm having problems getting passed the login page. It just stucks on "Verifying credentials". Had to reload the page in the browser several times, waiting 2-5 minutes on each try to finally get passed the login page.

Launching the virtual console also takes 2 minutes from clicking on the link until browser starts to download the file.

I'll try to find another switch now and replace it, just to remove the that part from the equation.


Switch is replaced with a Nortel managed switch I had in spare, an old one but known to be good. No change with Virtual Console after switch is changed.

Then I reset iDRAC and Virtual Console works again.

I wouldn't bet on networking issue at this point, but I'll leave it like this until tomorrow and see.

Just a reminder: servers are powered off, but connected to power supply, during all off this (do IDRACs are alive but servers are not). I just try to power them on once a day, to check if Virtual Console is working. They are afterwards powered off, they stay like that over the rest of the day and overnight - then in the morning virtual console no longer works. That's my problem, in a nutshell.


Hello, at this point it could also be an hardware issue. Even if problem appears on more then one server.

Are the server still in warranty? Thanks

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Nope. Warranty expired a year or so ago.


If you want you can have a deep troubleshooting from our technical support, but has the warranty expired it will be a chargeable service.

Please let me know how can I help you further.



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I wonder if warranty expired when I first open this topic But it looks so.

Well, maybe we could do it. Of course I'd like to know what the cost I could expect from this service. If there are no other options...


the behavior  you described where it sits verifying credentials I have seen in our lab. My go to fix is this:
0. you can go to idrac settings>Server Profile and export the server profile, then import it back after the below steps are complete. If the settings are very important to you, I would write them down or do screenshots also. 
1. ssh into the idrac via putty
2. use the command: racadm systemerase idrac,lcdata (note, this will wipe your idrac and lifecycle information/settings) this will cause the system to perform at least one reboot. 
3. After the systemerase completes, use the clrnvram jumper process I mentioned previously in this thread. 
4. Power off system with the power button. remove power cords from system along with the idrac network cable, after 30 seconds, reattach power cords, but dont attach idrac network cable for at least 2 minutes after power is reapplied. 
5. attach monitor to system and apply idrac network settings. you WILL have to clear your browser cache to open a browser page to the idrac after doing all these steps. 

This has always resolved the issue for me. My theory is that the LClog gets so big that it causes problems for the idrac, and once the lcdata gets cleared (which clears the LC log), the idrac runs normally






Ray-G thank you for the instructions.

I will need a couple hours time for this, currently I have no time available to try this. Will post back after it's done to let you know if it helped.

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Hi all,

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I'm having similar issues where I'm getting "No Signal" when trying to use the virtual console and a very slow/sluggish idrac web server.  My issues are primarily when the server is powered off and it sits overnight.  Additionally, my fans in auto mode do not quiet down.  I can manually control them via raw IPMI commands.

I will try Rey's suggestion about deleting the lifecycle controller log and nvram as well.

Here is my post with more information



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As an update to my issue, I found that if I removed the Dual SD module my problem went away.  I suspect this is a result of something on the motherboard not being right.  For the time being I've just removed the dual SD module and am utilizing the server without it.  If I continue to have problems then I will likely need to replace the motherboard.


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