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Want to add RAM do I need to add CPU


Have a Dell RX730 at a remote site (so can't check at server) and I need to add RAM to it.   I can see it has 2x Intel Xeon e5-2680 v3 CPUs with 512GB of RAM.   RAM is made up of 16x32GB modules leaving 8 free.  

Easiest solution would be to populate the remaining slots with 32GB modules giving extra 256GB which would be fine, but would I need to add an additional CPU to see and use this RAM.   

I guess what am I asking is does each CPU manage 8 memory slots on the board?


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RE: Want to add RAM do I need to add CPU

The R730 only supports 2 processors, and you posted that you have 2 x E5-2680 v3 CPUs, so you cannot add any more processors.

Unless you have quad ranked RDIMMs or LRDIMMs, you should be able to add 8 x 32GB w/o any issue. Note that if you currently have RDIMMs, you have to get more RDIMMs, and if you have LRDIMMs, you have to add LRDIMMs. You cannot mix RDIMMs and LRDIMMs in the same server.

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