What ever happened to great Dell service???

We recently purchased a PowerEdge T430 server with full support. The total package was nearly $16,000. I was lied to before the purchase about signing up for a dell advantage account. I was told that I would get a percentage back to be used toward the purchase and that a Dell gift card would be issued and also applied to the purchase. Further, I have spoken to the team that will be helping with the Exchange server transition from the old server, but they informed me they would only be helping with Exchange. I specifically asked for support for the entire transition BECAUSE the current server has a corrupted operating system and quite frankly, I wasn't sure a migration would even be possible. So, I left voicemails with my rep, sent an email to his supervisor as well as to several other people I have worked with at Dell with NO response whatsoever. I have probably purchased  80 dell servers and possibly 200 dell desktops and I have never been treated like this. What is going on? How in the world can you accept that much ,money and ignore the customer? If there was a possibility of sending the server back now, I would in a heartbeat. And honestly, if things don't improve, this will be the last dell purchase I ever make. So, who do I call to get heads rolling??????

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RE: What ever happened to great Dell service???

If your OS is corrupted there can be no "transition". You'll need to recover the exchange database by itself and hope it isn't corrupt too before migrating it(with dell support) with a freshly setup OS.

There's nothing magical that Dell or anyone else could have done when starting with a corrupt OS so it doesn't matter what vendor you go to, you would get the same result.

Whether they can help you reinstall the OS on the T430 and then migrate the Exchange database is the question you should be asking.

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