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Wrong item sold to us by Dell, we can't return or exchange after 30 Days

Dear Dell Customer Care

Back in April 2015 we've bought a memory upgrade (64GB) for our Epicor Production server Dell R-910.

Unfortunately, sales person was not trained enough to identify the compatible memory modules for our system, even though we've supplied him with Dell Service Tag. Because this is a production server, we could not upgrade memory right after the purchase, and at that time, our trust with Dell did not ring us to double check the purchase item compatibility. On July 4th weekend, we had an opportunity window to finally shut down the production server and upgrade the memory. It did not work, because  the one we've purchased is not compatible to our CPU. We have Dual Xenon E7540 CPUs, and memory requires Xenon E7-XXXX CPU, of what Dell sales person did not know the difference. I've called the sales person Kris (I can provide full details upon request). The best he could do is to provide us with a new quote. I've called Tech Support and Sales Resolution departments multiple time, just to get bounced around. Finally person from Sales Resolution Department Sandra (I can provide her ID upon request), simply said, there is nothing she can do and she is on the very op, and does not have supervisor to help us. She did not try any options AT ALL, simply NO and BYE. She refused to provide me with any phone number for corporate or complain departments or with any option to complain. This is the first time Dell is letting me down. I'm sure must be some exceptions to the return policy rules, especially if it is a mistake made by Dell.

I'll appreciate any help Dell can provide to replace or return the wrong item we were sold.

Thank you 


Valeriy Shevchenko

Systems Administrator

Defibtech, LLC



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