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c6100 no video,error code is D2


I recently discovered that the computer boot sometimes "d2"(D2) Error number on the motherboard,no video, network search did not solve the problem.

I tried to remove all the cpu / ram, remove battery . only equipped with a cpu and 4gb ram battery , the problem remains.

Sometimes there will be a normal start (AA) enter windows. Others are (D2).

Debug code on the system board is "amibios" it?

Thank you

My device:

poweredge C6100

xeon x5650 x 2

4gb ddr1333 x6

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RE: c6100 no video,error code is D2


What I would suggest starting with is configuring the system to a Minimum hardware configuration. The 

system will not turn on if any of the following are not properly installed

On the Node

  • System Board
  • CPU
  • Heatsink
  • 1 DIMM Memory
  • Interposer Extender

On the Chassis

  • Power Supply
  • Power Distribution Boards
  • Midplanes
  • Power Cables to Midplanes 

Other than those devices remove everything else and see if the system will POST. If it does then add the removed devices back individually until you either add all the parts back with no errors, or you are able to locate a part causing the issue. 

Let me know the results from that and we can move forward from there.

Chris Hawk

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RE: c6100 no video,error code is D2

Thank you for your reply.

I understand, but I have tried the m

minimum hardware configuration. Also sometimes display D2.

AMI Bios error code D2 is "Disable DMA and Interrupt controllers".

should I correct?

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