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dell r740 backplane

I am looking at trying to upgrade my r740 from an 8x 2.5" backplane to something that can take more drives. I am unable to find the suitable backplane using Dell - has anyone done this before ?

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Dell Technologies

R740 have three type of chassis, 8X3.5, 8X2.5 and 16X2.5. You can refer below link for details. But converting one chassis to another chassis is something which is supported. 



DELL-Shine K


thanks - I have 8x2.5 and I want to convert to 16x2.5 - do you know where I am able to get a 16x2.5 backplane ?


Below is the part details of 16X2.5 backplane of R740. 
You can refer below link for various connectivity of backplane. Based on the connectivity you also need to have a supported SAS cable. 
As I mentioned in my previous post converting chassis from one to another is not supported. As it is not supported we can not guarantee that it will work. You may face fitment or compatibility issues.

DELL-Shine K

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