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iDRAC6 - Adding SSL cert with GUI

I have read all over and have found no answer to how to upload a certificate or use a generated certificate.

I attempt to upload a certificate that I had created via https;// to no avail.

I have also attempted to use the generated crs.txt file to generate a cert to upload to no avail.

Does this iDRAC hardware just simply not work for everyone attempting to utilize these features??

firmware is the latest also. Is there a process of updating? The documentation on iDRAC6 user manual states to populate the full path of the certificate, yet you cannot edit the text field, as it seems it is just a folder system browse button. Sadly I continuously get the 'Certificate upload failed. Cannot validate.' error message.

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RE: iDRAC6 - Adding SSL cert with GUI

SSL certificate upload is a 2 step process.

1. Generate a CSR using 'Generate Certificate Signing Request (CSR)' option

2. Download the CSR file and generate a certificate file using this CSR.

3. Now upload generated certificate file using 'Upload Server Certificate' option


1. Once you generate a CSR, iDRAC will generate a new Private key and keep it in its private store and validates the uploaded certificate against it. If you generate a new CSR, any certificate generated using the old CSR will be invalidated.

2."Make sure all the 'Issued To' details in the certificate are matching with the inputs given in CSR. And 'Issuer Information' should not be empty."