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poweredge T420 RAID Foriegn configuration(s) found on adapter

I am sorry if this post duplicated but every time I posted it, I was kicked out of the page and didnt see my post when I got back on

I was hot swapping a drive on a 2 drive server.

When I did, the system rebooted or at least I got a config type screen with this info

Foriegn configuration(s) found on adapter

press any key to continue or C to load the config utility or F to import forgiegn config and continue

I didnt want to do that so just hit a key to cont and got this

There are offline or missing virtual drives with preserved cache

please check cables and ensure all drives are present

So I thought maybe the drive was bad so I put the old one back. It was fine before the swap to my knowledge

I got the same thing

So I tryed just the 1 original drive.

Same thing again.


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Re: poweredge T420 RAID Foriegn configuration(s) found on adapter

ok so I went ahead and did the "import" option, everything I saw online seemed to suggest this would be the correct option. It SEEMS to be OK althought one of my windows services (MSMQ) wont start now and it is needed by my software. I tryed starting manually, automatically, setting restart on failure. No good. I tryed to uninstall it so I can reinstall it, but that fails to uninstall. I cant start it and I cant remove it to reinstall. Any thoughts?

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Re: poweredge T420 RAID Foriegn configuration(s) found on adapter


 There is the possibility of data loss if the foreign configuration cannot be resolved successfully, so ensure that there is a validated backup of the data.

 For clarification would you confirm the following;

What RAID level are you running?

What is the status of the virtual drive, as well as the hard drives? 

Are you able to boot to the OS?


For more information on foreign configurations, follow the link and select 'What to do if a Foreign Config is present' for the available options and what each option entails.


Thank you,

Jim Plumlee
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

Get support on Twitter @DellCaresPRO

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