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server with h330 controller multiple RAID 1



i've to copy clone a RAID system array installed on the server. It's a production one and very busy. Actually, i've two RAID disk SATA (7200RPM) for array 1 (RAID 1).

So, i installed other 2 disks  (SAS at 15000rpm) into the server, now recognised as "phisical disks".

The question is: can i "mark as RAID" the new installed disks and then create another virtual volume SAS in order to be recognised by the OS and then copy-clone from the main array or from a snapshot? Is it safe doing that on this controller? I want to be sure that this operation will not erase the main array.

The goal is to add space + performance. I though that could be possible also remove one SATA disk and then mount a SAS one in array 1, but i'm note sure because are 2 different type of disk.

Thanks for reply

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Well we wouldn't be able to assist with cloning, as we don't support it. Witht hat being said, if your goal is to simply add space and performance then you can look at doing an Online Capacity Expansion, as outlined here. That is the supported process for adding space to the Virtual Disk.


Let me know if this helps, and how it goes.



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