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using dell r710 ram in a dell t320?

Is it possible to use the ram in my dell r710 in my dell t320?

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Hello droidus91,


You can check if the memory matches Memory specifications for the T320 pages 67-70



If you like to post a picture of the Dell DIMM label I can check for compatibility of the part number.


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Your memory have a HP Sticker. Asking if HP memory works in the Dell Forum is somewhat funny

You need to check if Dell 11Gen Server are used DDR3 for and 12Gen. DDR4 for example. If both are the same just check the DIMM slots if it fits.

12Gen was Intel Nehalem/Westmare. (3Channel memory interface?)
14Gen was Sandybridge/ Ivybridge?

I have my doubt that they are compatible.


When I bought my Dell r710, that's what it came with (on ebay).  And it works. 

What's the worst case scenario if I plug it into my t320, and it's not compatible?

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