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1.35 vs 1.50 volt UDIMMs for T110 II

My PowerEdge T110 II server's manual specifies the system memory as "low voltage" 1333 Mhz DDR3 ECC unbuffered UDIMMs.  The currently installed RAM is Dell part no. 317-6961 (2x4GB).  Like the manual, the detailed parts breakdown/invoice that came with my system describes the RAM as "low voltage" without indicating exactly what that means.  In looking to buy more memory, I'm seeing both 1.35 volt and 1.5 volt UDIMMs which otherwise appear to fit my server's specs.  My question is "What does 'low voltage' mean in relation to my T110 II?"  Is it 1.35 volts, or 1.5 volts, or does it matter; i.e. can I mix 1.35 volt & 1.5 volt UDIMMS?

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