2900 - Possible to enable internal sata from Windows?

On the 2900, there are (2) internal SATA ports.  Currently, I have one enabled for an eSATA external drive.  All's well there, unless the drive is off or disconnected...

Since I use this server as a workstation, I sometimes need to connect another SATA drive, temporarily, to pull data from it.  I do this via a removable drive enclosure or a bare drive "dock" (which I am purchasing now).

On startup, the bios will give you an error (nothing on the SATA port).  You have to "press F1 to continue" - a major issue, if I am not there for a reboot.  If I keep that sata port off, then Windows will not recognize it, but the F1 message does not show.  When I press F1, the BIOS turns the port off Smiley Sad

I'm looking for a command to enable that port from Windows, if need be.  I assume that it would need to deliver the command to the BIOS level, to get the job done.  Maybe then, just a quick hardware refresh (or not), to get drive recognition.




ps.  It would be nice if Dell would just enable the BIOS to leave the port on, regardless of status.  eSATA adaptations require plug-and-play, sometimes...

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