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Disk Space Issues

Hi All, on our pweredge SBS2003 R2 our 12GB C Drive is down to about 1.4GB, and fluctuates daily as low as 450MB. There is a DELL directory, C:\DELL, which contains the following subfolders, DSET, IntelAdvanced, omsw and UpdatePackage.

Can I safely archive off to CD-ROM the omsw (openmanagesoftware) folder as that will free up about 220MB? I have moved other things off onto the D Drive.

In Addition, I was contemplating moving (xcopy with permissions and attributes) the C:\WINDOWS\INSTALLER directory to the D Drive and create an NTFS junction point to its new location, so it doesnt mess up add/remove. That will free up another 370MB. Has anyone ever tried this? I found an article that describes the procedure, on an EEE PC

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