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ESXi 4.0 Hardware Monitoring Error Dell PowerEdge R210

I have a Dell PE R210 with the iDRAC6 Enterprise card which I have installed the Dell Customised ESXi 4.0 U1 onto with no problem. In the vSphere Client hardware monitoring everything is shown apart from the Power Supply which shows up as Unknown.

The system has all the latest Bios and firmware updates applied that I can see but I have noticed that there is a BMC update that 'Fixed the issue of displaying wrong PSU information in VMware ESX 4.0'. Do I need to apply this update to my system as I have the iDRAC6, do I have the BMC and if so how do I do that. I rebooted the system and looked in the USC and that did not show the BMC or any firmware version only the iDRAC6.

If anyone can provide any help or assistance on this I would be grateful.

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