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I'm new and I need some advice on using a server.

Hello group!

Newbie here.   I just aqquired two servers.  One is a Dell 1600SC, and the other is a Dell 2300.  The 1600 has two 36G hd in it, not sure about the other one.  I wanted to keep the original operating system on it but the previous owner put a password on the admin accnt. (yes even the one in safe mode), and I can't seem to get past it.  The server's were given to me by some tenants of our building (they were throwing them out). and I can't pass up free computer stuff..   (just ask my wife).   Anyhow.   how can I get past this??  I've tried a few bootup disks,I even tried loading windows xp pro, but it can't see the hard drives.  (they're logical).   I'm new to server usage.  is there any way to download windows server 2000 somewhere so I can do a repair load to erase password??  or is there any other way??  If not..  how can I just load windows xp pro??   Thanks for any help. 

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Re: I'm new and I need some advice on using a server.

Discussing how to reset the password on an operating system is against the board policies (as this information can also be used to 'break' into someone else' computer).


To install XP, you can go to support.dell.com, look for the downloads for the 1600SC and find the raid controller drivers for Windows 2003. You'll need to extract them to a floppy disk. Then boot off of the XP CD and use the "F6" option to add additional storage controller drivers. It'll ask you for the drivers. Now you put the floppy in the system and let it use those drivers to be able to install on the logical harddrive.

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