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Inserting new 2 TB disk in Power Edge R710

I have purchased new 2TB SATA drive and has inserted that in Dell Power Edge R 710 Server, the disk is online and I can check it in the RAID Configuration menue , but I can not see the space in my computer.

How I can increase the hard disk drive space without effecting the current configuration and without losing data by inserting another 2 TB SATA disk?



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Re: Inserting new 2 TB disk in Power Edge R710

If you have a PERC6 or PERC H700 in the server, a bare drive will have to be set up as a raid configuration before you can actually see it in the OS.

What is your current configuration?

The answer to this last question affects your choices. If, for example, you have 2 2TB drives in a raid 1 currently, you could reconfigure it to a 3-drive raid 5, but with 2TB drives this would exceed the 2048GB barrier, which brings some issues with it unless you really were prepared for this option when the server was very first set up.

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