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++ Intel x550 VMQ RSS Hyper-V 2012R2 ++

we want to switch over to 10GB-E network. We are using the following hardware:

Hyper-V 2012R2 Cluster: 2x PE730, Sockets: 2, Cores: 20, LP: 40, NIC: 2x Intel X550-2Port (driver, fw 19.0.12 )
Switch: Dell EMC S4128T
Storage: Dell PV MD3420 direct attached, sas

To be able to use the "full bandwith" of the 10Gb LAN I want to setup RSS and VMQ. I decided to setup two switch independent dynamic teams. LAN (first X550) and HYPERV (vswitch - second X550). I am not sure what to setup in the nics and the team nic regarding vmq and rss.

My idea:
Team LAN: enable rss, disable vmq, leave rss/vmq enabled on team nic multiplexor.
Set-NetAdapterRss -Name “nic1port1” -BaseProcessorNumber 2 -MaxProcessorNumber 18 -MaxProcessors 8 -NumaNode 0
Set-NetAdapterRss -Name “nic1port2” -BaseProcessorNumber 22 -MaxProcessorNumber 38 -MaxProcessors 8 NumaNode 1

Team HYPERV: enable vmq, disable rss, leave rss/vmq enabled on team nic multiplexor.
Set-NetAdapterVmq -Name “nic2port1” -BaseProcessorNumber 2 -MaxProcessorNumber 18 -MaxProcessors 8 NumaNode 0
Set-NetAdapterVmq -Name “nic2port2” -BaseProcessorNumber 22 -MaxProcessorNumber 38 -MaxProcessors 8 NumaNode 1

Does this fit or is something totally nonsense? Enable srv-io?

Thanks in advance


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Re: ++ Intel x550 VMQ RSS Hyper-V 2012R2 ++


Have you tested it with the default settings? Usually there isn’t a bottleneck for performance. What you want to do looks fine, but it may not be needed.

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