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No driver R430 Windows 2K12

Hello everybody,

i'm installing my new Dell R430 Server with 2 SSD disks and a PERC H730 mini Raid controller.

All my firmware are up to date (BIOS, NIC, RAID Controller, etc).

So, this is my issue :

When i'm using Lifecycle Controller via IDRAC to deploy OS with my 2K12R2 Microsoft iso, I got an error who say : "No drives were found. Click L...". So, it's impossible at this time, for windows, to see my Virtual Disk 

Moreover, I downloaded all drivers that i could find on Dell website/forum on all version for my PERC H730 mini but nothing seems to be the good. OS Driver pack, .inf, W2K8R2, W2K12, W2K12R2, nothing... 

My SSD are in RAID 1, i rebuilded et initialized my RAID twice. I've added some screenshots if it can help.

Anyone got an idea, im stuck at this step, i can't use my brand new R430...

Thank you in advance.

Benjamin T.

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You need to use the Hard Drive format:


You must download and run the file on a Windows machine to extract its contents before you can use them - put them on a USB flash drive and browse to it from Windows Setup using the Load Driver link.

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Thank you for that answer but i already try this... 

Always the same error.

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It would be helpful to know the EXACT error you are receiving. Are you sure you have an H730?

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I think he's pretty sure.  Did you look at the screen shots he attached to his question?

Was there ever a solution to this?  I'm running into the same issue with a PERC H330 mini RAID controller.

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Hi , did you ever manage to resolve this problem? I have the same problem with the R630 + H730.


I am having the exact same issue , for PERC H330 Mini raid driver for PER430 "windows server 2012 64bit" I have tried many firmware none of them work, I could find many for 2012 r2 and 2016 but I am using 2012 ! can you please help if some one could fix the issue ? any reply or help would be highly appreciated


I'd like to help you out, but I'd want to clarify some things first. Is the goal to get Windows 2012 R2 or 2016 installed? It looks like 2012 R2, but I want to be sure. In addition, what is the present firmware of the H330?


Hi Dell-DylanJ Thank you for your reply, no the goal to get raid driver for Perc h330 mini for (Windows server 2012 64bit) , it's not 2012 R2 nor 2016 The current firmware is : PERC H330 Mini

I could update the driver from the following link :



then extract it on USB , go to lifecycle-deployOS - select OS 2012 then proceed to windows click on repair- troubleshoot - install driver- select USB

payload but the file in there doesnot contain raid driver to load the disks 

it's FW0005i.rom


I am looking to apply the same this article the file in payload should be PERC H330 mini Adapter F:\payload\PercSas3.inf

please see below link




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