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Poor network performance to Internet, perfect on local LAN

I have an odd issue. We have Dell PowerConnect 6224 switches that make up our core network, and several PowerEdge servers comprised of PE1750, PE2850, PE2950 (I and III), and R710 servers. All of our servers expcept for the PE2850s come with Broadcom NICs, the PE2850 servers come with Intel.

Friday, we had to bring all of our gear down for UPS maintenance. After bringing everything back online, all was well on the local network, but our internet resources (web servers) were responding extremely slow.

We have narrowed down the fact that on the 2850s (with Intel NICs) and the 1750 with older Broadcom NICs, we can ping google.com with 30-40ms replies. But all of our newer servers, all with Broadcom NICs, ping google.com with >200ms replies.

This is true for a server OS installed directly on hardware, or installed as a Hyper-V guest. However, if I move a Hyper-V guest to a Optiplex with Hyper-V installed, the ping delay goes away and the websites perform with expected performance.

We feel that we have eliminated all possibilities except for some interaction with the Broadcom NICs. Has anyone encounted or seen anything similar?


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