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PowerEdge 1750 Installation Help

Hi all,

Sorry for the noob post, but was wondering what files I would need to download from Dell to setup a PowerEdge 1750 for Windows Sever 2003. I've just bought the server to help me in my networking studies and it will come with all hardware and no software CDs. Have 3 SCSI harddrives already installed but I don't know what raid configuration they will be in.

What I'm looking for is Dell's software to help with the installation of the OS and re-confgiuration of the raid if needed.

Thanks All!!!

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Re: PowerEdge 1750 Installation Help

During the boot process, ctrl+r should get you into the raid configuration to configure the raid for the hard drives. The Service Tag should provide you with information for all the drivers you need to get the system up and running.

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