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PowerEdge 2900 OS Migration

Current Hardware configuration:
Dell Power Edge 2900 II,  Windows Server 2008 R2,  PERC5i,  16GB DDR2 RAM,  Intel Xeon 5130 64bit, 8- 73GB SAS HDs  (2= RAID1[67GB]OS,   6=RAID5[680GB]Storage),   No current Flex Bay.

I am Updating to:
*** I intend to keep the current OS,  in fact my question is about 'migrating' the OS into one of the Flex Bay RAIDs.
I do not want to have to reinstall the OS if I do not have to.

1- I am adding a Flex Bay with  2- 2TB Dell SATA HDs in RAID1 for the OS.    (I intend to create 2 partitions with these drives) .

2- Once I install and initialize the FlexBay hard drives/array, -    WHAT would be the best way to MIGRATE the OS from the current RAID one into the new FlexBay RAID?

3-  Once that has been taken care of and the boot sequnce has been changed to the new FlexBay RAID,     I will then remove the current 8 HDs,   add 8- 2TB Dell SATA HDs in RAID10 for storage.  

~OR~ do I have to install the OS onto the new FlexBay RAID once the flexbay hard drives have been initialized?

Any input/suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.


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RE: PowerEdge 2900 OS Migration


The best method will be different for everyone. These are the three methods I can think of to perform this:

  • Backup the data, install the OS on the new drives, and restore the data
  • Use imaging software to create an image of the OS partition
  • Virtualize

Of those three my recommendation would be to virtualize. This changeover is an opportunity to update your configuration. Virtualizing will make it a lot easier to perform future changes as well. If you decide to virtualize then there should be a physical to virtual utility that will create a virtual machine of your current physical configuration.


Daniel Mysinger
Dell EMC, Enterprise Engineer

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RE: PowerEdge 2900 OS Migration

Thanks Daniel,

I apologize for not adding the following info in my original post but,     there is no need for back up.

I received the DPE2900 as it was,  fully functional,   Server 2008 R2 OS only on the 2 hard drive / RAID1[67GB] partition.       There was/is currently no data on the 6 hard drive / RAID5[680GB]Storage partition.    And the Installation disks do not appear to be available.      Hence my desire to  'clone'  the OS onto the new FlexBay hard drives.

I was tasked with increasing the storage of this DPE2900 for an internal, stand alone server/network.    It will be used for its redundancy to store sensitive Data that analysts (approx 2 to 5 at a time)  will be accessing via a gigabit switch.  

I hope the above helps clarify

Thanks again,


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