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PowerEdge R740 NVMe RAID 5



I'am very appreciate if anyone can help me with this.


I want to RAID 5 NVMe, so I got some questions:


1. Is it possible to RAID 5 NVMe?

2. If can, any manual/tutorial that I can follow?



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Re: PowerEdge R740 NVMe RAID 5

Not in hardware. You can stripe them how you wish in your OS of choice though. In Windows, you'd do it like this: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/323434/how-to-establish-a-striped-volume-with-parity-raid-5.... I'd advise against software RAID though, as you'll probably not receive the performance that NVMe can bring. If you need RAID 5, I'd go with SSDs and a PERC disk controller.

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