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PowerEdge T710 Tower- 4TB Hard Drive showing 2TB

 My PowerEdge T710 Tower Server showing 2tb on raid configuration window, i try externally it shows the full size.... Any one Help Plz


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Just a educated guess, as I have seen this fairly often, you are most likely using a Perc 6I which will not support drives greater than 2TB. Drives greater than 2TB on this controller wll either show up in the controller as 2TB or not show up at all. The good news is that you can upgrade to a H700 which will suport 4TB drives, assuming they are Dell certified.

You can refer to this article regarding


Hard Drive Controllers – 

IMPORTANT NOTE! Only the Dell H700 and H800 currently support the 3TB drives (H200 will add support later this year) - NO earlier controllers, such as the PERC4/5/6, SAS5/6 (or ANY other Dell controller not mentioned) have this support and in some cases, even though you may be able to see the drive, this has NOT been tested or validated, so possible data loss could be experienced. ONLY use the Dell H700 and H800 with the proper firmware to ensure a tested and validated >2TB solution! For non-Dell controllers, contact the controller vendor for their support statement on >2TB drives.

Hard drive controllers, such as the Dell PERC and SAS controllers, have firmware that needs to provide support for >2TB drives. Dell supports these large hard drives on the Dell PERC H700 and H800 and soon, the H200 controller at a later date. In addition, firmware support is also specific to the type of drive – SAS or SATA. Dell H700/800 and H200(at a later date) will only support SAS drives. 

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Dell H700/800 and H200(at a later date) will only support SAS drives.

Is this true?

I thought all PERC's were capable of controlling either SAS or SATA drives. Creating any artificial PERC restrictions to only allow SAS is much like the previous "Dell certified drives" fiasco which was thankfully corrected by Dell after a customer backlash.

If this SAS only drives restriction is the case, isn't Dell simply showing it can't learnt that it's customers do not like such restrictions? Or is it that Dell likes to push it's customers and see if they complain, or move to another more customer focused OEM?

Hardly a customer focused organization if this is indeed the case... But i guess if they were trully customer focused, they'd update the older PERCS to cater for larger drives...

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Good catch, no that particular part of the article is incorrect. I am not aware of any such drop in support for SATA drives. I believe is should have said "Only Dell H700/800 and H200(at a later date) will only support SAS drives larger than 2 TB."

One point to note, it appears this article was written before the introduction of the H710, H710P, H310. These controllers all support DELL certified SAS drives >2 TB.

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There is no such limitation. Both the H700 (6 years old) and the H710 (3 years old) support both SAS and SATA disks larger than 2TB. The H700's original firmware did NOT support larger drives, but every version since has. Servers can be configured TODAY with SATA drives larger than 2TB. Unless the latest SAS specs have changed, SAS by spec should take SATA as well. If a SAS controller doesn't take SATA, it is not a genuine, "standard" SAS controller. I think that part of the documentation is too unclear to draw any conclusions and should have been omitted (if they couldn't be bothered to proof the documentation right).

And even if the latest SAS spec changed, it wouldn't affect the H700 or H710 - the H730 is the only one that supports the latest SAS specs.

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That's good to hear that there is no issues with SAS/SATA connectivity...

I simply wish documentation was well checked prior to publishing, after all, it's basic quality control that any and all ISO certified organisations should follow...

But i guess in a world of instant gratification, where twitter and other short phrase messaging apps propagate, a rapid decline in accurate communications is to be expected... Sad really...

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Maybe it doesn't matter after all, considering how few people actually read the manual ('how do I open the case of my server?') :)

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Pity Dell management pays such large amounts of money to become quality ceritifed yet their organisation produces poor quality documents that are factually wrong :emotion-7: 

But then again if their customer base behaves like zombies, guess cardio and double taps are the cardina rules :emotion-2:

Pitty as I like accurate and details manuals and hate having things dumbed down but it seems to be the trend... [:o] :emotion-10:

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