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Problem installing OS on Poweredge r530


We recently purchase a Poweredge R530 and am having difficulty installing the OS.  I get the error:

Unable to retrieve the list of supported operating systems(SWC0015)

Recommended action:

Update the system with the latest Lifecycle Controller OS Driver Pack. Obtain the OS Driver Pack from the service provider.

What is the link to download the latest OS pack in ISO format?  I was able to find a link via the forum search but it was for generation 12 systems.  I also found updates however they were in .exe format.  I am unaware of how to install .exe via the Lifecontroller OS.

Any help would be appreciated.


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RE: Problem installing OS on Poweredge r530


I'm not aware of a stand-alone ISO that we create for the OS driver pack. You can use the Windows Dell Update Package on the server download page to update through the lifecycle controller. The OS driver pack is also included in the Server Update Utility. If you want to create an ISO then you can use Dell Repository Manager. It allows you to create custom repositories to include only the updates you want. If you choose the Linux option when creating the repository with DRM there is an option to create a bootable image.


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