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R710 Server 2012 installer won't see first vdisk (PERC H700)

Hi All,

Curious issue today when trying to install windows server 2012 onto a couple of R710's.  We've made a large raid-5 group from the controller's pre-boot menu, and carved it up into several vdisks from there as well.  The first vdisk (vdisk0) was 500gb which was to be our install destination, then the rest were of various sizes for various things.  The only partitions that the windows installer sees were vdisk1 and up.  Vdisk0 got completely ignored by the installer.  I ended up circumventing the issue by creating a tiny 1gb vdisk0, then vdisk1 was 500gb, and on and on.  The windows saw the first partition as the 500gb, which we installed to. 

Can anyone tell me why vdisk0 just doesn't get seen?  Controller in question is an H700.  Thanks!

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RE: R710 Server 2012 installer won't see first vdisk (PERC H700)

I usually just create the OS VD, install, then create the other VD's after the OS is installed. Never seen behavior like you describe.

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