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RED Hat compatibility

WHiCh Dell Servers can support Redhat RHEL 3 AS ?

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Re: RED Hat compatibility

As RHEL3 dates from 2003, with the latest patch being from 2007, it's unlikely that the current PERC H-series adapters are supported.

A PERC6-series card may be supported with certain patch levels.

I looked up the downloads for an R710, a 2950, a 2850 and 2650. Only the 2650 (Pentium 4 based processors) lists downloads for RHEL3.

So, based on the server model with RHEL3 downloads and the OS' age, you have to look for 5+ year old servers probably.

If you want to run it on a current/new server, I suggest you virtualize the OS. You can look into RHEV, Citrix XenServer, or VMware ESXi hypervisor (free edition).

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