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Run Windows XP on PowerEdge 400sc

I have 3 PowerEdge 400sc machines and I am wondering if anyone is running Windows XP on them? I would settle for Audio and LAN support and do not need to take advantage of any other features that the machine offers. I see that on the drivers page they list only Windows 2000 & 2003. I assume that drivers for these in regards to Audio and LAN will not work?

I do believe I have had success with Windows 2000 Drivers on XP. Can someone confirm?


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Re: Run Windows XP on PowerEdge 400sc

I ran XP on my 400SC at home for the longest time.


It has the Intel 875P chipset and accepts non-ecc memory just fine. I think I had 4 x 512MB in there, but the chipset supports up to 4GB I think (but keep the 32-bit OS limits in mind, so at best you might see 3.25GB in XP).


The NIC is Intel as well, so check for their driver package (covers all their NICs).


The onboard audio is an AD198x series I think. You can probably use the Windows 2003 drivers from support.dell.com

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