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Server R410 - 2nd Raid Array for New drives

Purchased 4 x 600Gb HDDs with carriers for server.

Current hard disk space is running low.

I would like to create a 2nd array of the new disks with RAID 5 (same as first array).   The space will be used to hold scanned and photo documents.

Is creating the 2nd array out of the new disks the correct choice or is it OK to just add the disks to the existing array?

Note the server also is used for a MS SQL database.  The client software struggles with speed.  

Thanks, Darryl

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Re: Server R410 - 2nd Raid Array for New drives

You can add them to the existing RAID array, OR you can create a second array with them. 

If it is already struggling with speed, why would you add more load to it? Sounds like the best solution would be a new or additional server.

My recommendation if you are already struggling with speed? Add two drives to your RAID 5 and convert it to a RAID 6, which will add 600GB to your existing storage … then add the remaining two drives in a RAID 1 and move your database(s) to it. 

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Re: Server R410 - 2nd Raid Array for New drives

Thanks for the reply.

The server is 2 years old this month and was purchased high-end.  However, i do regret not separating o/s, database, and SQL transaction logs, into RAID1 or 10 configurations.  And then have a RAID5 space for the large scan and photo directory.

The client software is slow even on a stand alone workstation.  So the thought is that you cannot throw enough traditional hardware at this software to make it run faster (a server with all SSDs is in the future when budget allows).

I was down to the last 150Gb of free disk space which is enough for about 3-5 months.  So i added a new array of 4x600Gb at RAID5.   I'm happy with about 1.8Tb of free disk space.

If I have my choice, I would wipe this server, reconfigure the drives, and re-install.  But in a 7 day work week for them, it would be better just to get my dream server configuration for them.  A software change is probably not in the future.

Thanks again.  Darryl

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