T310 ESXI 4.1 and dell openmanage

Hi Guys

I'm in need of desperate help getting this working, so far ive installed OM-SrvAdmin-Dell-Web-6.3.0-2075.VIB-ESX41i_A00.8.zip through vSphere CLI and ive restarted ESXI 4.1.I try to connect to the server IP in the webbrowser and its specific port (1311) but no luck.

I'm really not sure what steps I need to follow in order to access the openmanage through the webbrowser remotely.

Any help will be greatly appreciated


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Re: T310 ESXI 4.1 and dell openmanage

Hi ..

ESXi is a special case where it can be managed as a remote node only and not as as a local node. That means, https://<IP of the ESXi host>:1311 will not work.

1.  You need to have a Windows/RHEL Box/VM with OM full stack or only OpenManage WebServer Component Installed.

2. After that open Box/VM IP in a web browser using 1311 port.

Ex - https://<IP of the Box/VM>:1311

3. Once this is done, there can be two GUI web Interface possible.

If Full Stack is installed -  You will be seeing "Username" and "Password" Text boxes. Also, you will be seeing "Manage Remote Node" option. Click on "Manage Remote Node". Now, you will be seeing "Hostname/IP Address", "Username" and "Password" Text Boxes. Just feed these boxes with the credentials of ESXi host. 

If only OpenManage WebServer Component is Installed - Here, "Manage Remote Node" page you will be seeing directly with three text boxes. "Hostname/IP Address", "Username" and "Password".



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