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Upgrade PE2400 to Windows Server 2003?

Service Tag:  92JZ501
DELL PoweEdge 2400
Server originally shipped with Windows NT 4.0; necessary updates applied and machine upgraded to Windows 2000 Server.  Would now like to take to WIndows Server 2003.  Please advise what if any updates are needed and/or available?  Thanks in advance for any assistance!
Mike Stem
Boone County KY 9-1-1 Comm Center
Currently at:
ESM rev 5.39
Backplane  rev 5.47
PERC RAID Control 2/Si version 2.70
Adaptec AHA-2940U2W ver 2.20.0S2
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Re: Upgrade PE2400 to Windows Server 2003?

Below is a link for the downloads for the PE2400 running windows 2003 and NT4. It's a good idea to update the system bios and the ESM (embedded server management) firmware to the latest. Then make the bootable disks to upgrade the PERC firmware to 2.71 and 2.8 and put them aside. Within NT4, unzip the NT4 driver file and update the PERC driver to version 2.8, bring the server down, update the PERC firmware first to 2.71 then to 2.8. Reboot the server. When you get ready to upgrade to 2003, download the 2.8 version driver for windows 2003. Unzip the driver file and there will be a readme file with instructions. Basically, there is a batch file for the PERC driver to run in NT4 before you load the windows 2003 disk to upgrade the OS.


Downloads PE 2400 Windows 2003

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Re: Upgrade PE2400 to Windows Server 2003?

Thanks John!
We are already using Windows 2000 Server on this box, and now want to go to Windows 2003.
We already made the upgrade from NT 4.0 to Windows 2000.
Does that change any of your recomendations?
Appreciate the assist...
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Re: Upgrade PE2400 to Windows Server 2003?

I am going nuts!  I have an integrated PERC 2/si and it won't upgrade to 2.8, it seems to be stuck at 2.7-1.  I try to run the update from the bootable floppies and when I attempt the update it tells me it cannot find PRC2si01.ufi on the floppy.  The version on the floppies is PERC201.ufi (I may have them switched here).

I tried like a nutcase to rename the files on the disks to what it was looking for, but it ended up telling me that it was not a compatible image.  Smiley Mad

Please help.  I have installed array manager, but cannot see anything but the regular scsi.


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