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Win 2K3 not recognizing memory PE2950


We have:

PE2950/Win 2k3 R2 SP2  Bios Rev. 2.3.1 Quad-Core E5345

boot.ini includes /PAE switch

Bios/OM sees known-good 2GB DIMMS in slots 1,2,3,4.

Windows System Properties reports 4GB memory/PAE.

What are we missing to have Windows see the other 4GB?



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Re: Win 2K3 not recognizing memory PE2950

Generally, only 64-bit operating systems can see more than 4GB of RAM.  Assuming, since you are talking about the /pae switch, that you are working with a 32-bit OS ... the ONLY exceptions are the Enterprise and Datacenter editions, which can see >4GB of RAM with /pae enabled.

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