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boot issue - Dell R210 II - pci-e SSD - UEFI


I have a unused Dell R210 II, i've removed the Hard disks/Raid card and purchased a Intel Optaine 240GB PCIe SSD card.

this device only seems to be detected in UEFI mode on boot menu.

What I did:

changed bios boot from "Bios" to "UEFI" < no options anywhere for secure boot on or off using latest 2.10 bios
Download CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1804.iso and burn to disk (also tried USB installer)
Boot from CD and select the SSD to install from.
Once install finished click reboot and remove DVD from the disk drive.

I get: Centos boot failed instantly once i select Centos from the F11 boot menu. I dont even get to the screen where i can press E to edit boot options in centos

Quick video of the error (<10 seconds long): https://youtu.be/1ijBoS0Xogc

Can anyone help me to get this to boot?

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