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changing PEr200 OS centos to win. 2k3 r2 problem


I had PE r200, at first I installed a Centos5 and use it for a month, now I wanted to change it to other OS platform like windows 2003 r2, on this I had used the Dell System Management Tool Disc... i already setup the boot sequence to boot first DVDrom, unfortunately the server haven't boot the System Management tool disc.. can anyone had an idea how to change my OS to linux base to windows..

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Re: changing PEr200 OS centos to win. 2k3 r2 problem

Hello Art

If you are not being prompted to boot to the DVD then you can press F11 during POST to select a boot device. If you still have issues booting to the SMTD then there may be a scratch on the DVD. Here is  link to download the System Build and Update Utility that you can use to install the OS:

It is an image file that you can burn to a DVD.


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