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enlarge disk space on server


for a video plattform we run a DELL poweredge 730. As disk space is getting scarce we need to enlarge the server space. All 8 hard drive slots are no longer free currently. We have 8 hard drives in use (5 x 1.2 TB and 3 x 300 GB). Because of the RAID we have approxamately 3 TB for use. Now we want enlarge the server space. Preferably we want to double it in size.

The question is which option is here the right one. on the one hand we could simply exchange current hard drives, like e.g. the 300 GB disks. What would be the limit here ? Are there disks bigger than 1.2 TB recommendable ?

The next option could be to connect to a further "disk box" via e.g. DAS - Cable. The provider offered us such a box with 10 disks summing up to 20 TB. So costs are very high. Isn't possible to buy a "server box" with only say 3 hard drives ?

We run ESXI 5.5 on that server. How can the second option be manage technically ? ... create a RAID on the server box and add it to the ESXi ? Is that a complicated error prone process ?

Or do we have other strategies ?

Thanks in advance for your help!



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