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help installing opperating system on Poweredge 1950

Hi there,

I have a strange problem. I have bought a rack of 34 Dell Poweredge 1950 Gen II servers with KVM etc. but they have no opperating system installed on any of them, and none of them have a CD-ROM drive installed. How do I install an opperating system on these machines without a CD-Rom drive in each? I did not see an option in the bios to Boot from external USB ? is there a way to install it via a CD-ROM drive on another machine over the network? How else can I install an opperating system on each of those machines without purchasing a CD-ROM drive for each and unracking them and installing them?

These machines have the Broadcom Net Extreme NIC and Dell PXE. They are all cabled into a 42" Dell rack with console KVM and a Nortel Baystack 48 Port switch in the bottom.

I want to install Windows XP PRO on each of the 34 machines. I do have an external USB CD/DVD drive, but don't see an option to boot from USB.




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Re: help installing opperating system on Poweredge 1950

To boot to your USB CDROM ... set USB Emulation in the BIOS (you must boot to BIOS with the USB drive connected).


1)  DRAC (Remote Access) - If they have a DRAC 5 installed, that would be the easiest alternative. You can set up Virtual Media ... using an ISO image or CD drive on another machine.

2)  Install from USB key (I don't have details, but I'm sure Google does).

3)  PXE - kind of unnecessarily convoluted, but would work.

Also ... installing XP might be difficult, as it is not a supported/validated operating system for the 1950, but good luck!

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