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poweredge 600sc os change

I just recently was given an old Poweredge 600sc server and I want to make a desktop out of it to use for some basic programs. When trying to install xp the hdd's are not even recognized by windows. What do I have to do to gain access to the disks so I can reformat them? I am just plain ignorant when it comes to servers.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...

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Re: poweredge 600sc os change

The drives are likely attached to a RAID controller.  As soon as it boots to the Windows CD, you will see a prompt to press F6 to load third-party RAID drivers.  You will need to load the RAID drivers from a floppy disk.  You will need to watch the POST sequence for the RAID controller that is in your system (or crack open the case).  It is most likely a PERC 4/DC, and you should see a CTRL-M prompt to enter its configuration utility.  You must first set up the RAID.  Even if it is a single disk, it must be assigned to a RAID array (single-disk RAID 0 in this hypothetical).  Once the RAID has been created and Initialized, you can boot to the CD and load the RAID drivers.  This will allow Windows to see the hard drive(s).


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