How to know the number of disk possible to intall in ?

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RE: Dell PE R510

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You can found the information below and have more detail on the tech sheet here 

Drive Bays

  • 4 hard drive chassis: Up to four cabled 9 cm (3.5") SAS or SATA drives
    8 hard drive chassis: Up to eight hot swap 6 cm (2.5")/ 9 cm (3.5") SAS, SATA or SSD drives
    12 hard drive chassis: Up to 12 hot-swap 6 cm (2.5")/ 9 cm (3.5") SAS, SATA, or SSD drives with 2 additional 6 cm (2.5") internal cabled hard drive

Number of hard drive depend of your chassis version. You can check this info on your order if you have already purchase a R510 server.


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