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Dell Poweredge 2800 Utility Partition

Hi there,

I got one of these servers but totally wiped and cannot get the utility partition recreated. I have searched the  web for months now and havent found any working step-by-step-walkthrough. I found one for the 2900/2950 but couldnt adapt it because i couldnt find out, which ISO I would have to download to start the procedure.

Please help me to get this fixed.

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Mahatma Pech

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RE: Dell Poweredge 2800 Utility Partition


here is a step-by-step instruction how to install os using the SBUU: Server Operating System Installation using System Build and Update Utility (SBUU)

And in this article you will find a German instruction including links to the SBUU (Server Installation mit der System Build und Update Utility DVD (SBUU))

Hope this helps.

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